Dan Carmody

President, Detroit Eastern Market

Dan is recognized as a national thought leader in the worlds of downtown and regional food system development. As a long time participant and former board member of the International Downtown Development, Dan has developed outstanding competencies in downtown strategic planning, organizational capacity building, community-based development, downtown special event programming, and downtown housing development.

Within the emerging regional food sector, Dan and his work at Detroit’s Eastern Market have been recognized as one of the nation’s most comprehensive regional food hubs. In addition to running one of largest public markets, Dan has helped leverage Eastern Market legacy to improve food access in Detroit neighborhoods without adequate access to fresh fruits and vegetables and to build a stronger regional food system by building a multi-faceted program to move food businesses from predevelopment thru incubation and onto acceleration.

Each year, Dan participates in a few outside consulting engagements to apply lessons learned on the front lines to other situations. New Venture Advisors is pleased to partner with Dan on projects involving downtown and public market development.