Client Testimonials

The Port of Seattle thoroughly enjoyed working with the New Venture Advisors team! The NVA team members were highly professional and proficient. Not only were they excellent researchers, they also had the soft skills to exemplify thoughtful community engagement approaches with diverse language communities as part of their research. They were intentional to work with our local community-based organizations to build trust first, which aided in the success of our feasibility study.

Annie Tran

Economic Development Manager, Port of Seattle

As we explore new approaches and innovative solutions to accelerate development in emerging markets, we appreciate New Venture Advisors’ technical expertise and insights into various models and services to support the growth and development of micro and small food entrepreneurs.

Selcuk Tanatar

Head of Strategic Business Solutions, IFC Advisory

New Venture Advisors is exceptional. The team has a rare ability grasp the vision for a project as well as the nuance. It’s a pleasure to work with skilled, knowledgeable, experienced people who share a passion for rebuilding food systems that work for people and places.

Mauri Ingram

President & CEO, Whatcom Community Foundation

The breadth of knowledge and passion for the work among the staff of New Venture Advisors is undeniable. They have helped us take our concept to a new level. KitchenShare is a game-changer for our region, and I’m grateful that NVA is on the team.

Michelle Gomez

Program Manager, Frenchtown Heritage Hub

It was a pleasure to work with New Venture Advisors and refreshing to get practical, real-world advice from a consultant. All too often, consultants are willing to sell findings and recommendations that are convenient for the client, but that may not be in their best interest. NVA approached our project as a partner and kept us moving in the right direction.

Daniel Wayne

Senior Planner, Shasta Regional Transportation Agency

Working with New Venture Advisors was a truly wonderful experience. Each member of the team is not only a thought leader in their own right, but they work seamlessly together as a team as well – turning a complex process into a fruitful and meaningful exercise.

Josh Stoffel

Former Co-Director, Office of Sustainability, Connecticut College

The main contributor to the success of our project was working with New Venture Advisors, a well-established consulting firm with vast experience in the food hub sector. They are an expert team, with a diverse skill set, whose knowledge and dedication to local foods helped build the foundation for local food in rural Wyoming.

Jesse Miller

Founder, Bould Development

We’re thrilled to be partnering with New Venture Advisors on the business planning aspect of the project. As experts in this space, NVA provides direction to guide the process and insight to inform sound business decisions to strengthen the broccoli supply chain.

Cheryl Thayer

Agricultural Economic Development Specialist, Cornell University

New Venture Advisors provided an important outside perspective to help us choose the business model and revenue streams that have the most chance of success. We were able to more confidently move forward with the project because we now have a more concrete understanding of what will be required to reach our goals.

Brian Monteverd

Food Hub Project Coordinator, Regional Environmental Council

We realize the value of food in all persons’ existence, and within our network we experience the importance of healthy food for growing minds and maintaining sharp leaders. What could be better than to work with the expertise of New Venture Advisors and USDA to seek ways to improve the economy of local and regional food development and provisions. Their support in such is appreciated.

Doug McKinney

Executive Director, North Central Regional Planning Commission

 Whatcom County Food System Plan

In 2021, the Whatcom County Food System Committee conducted a community food assessment that pointed to key opportunities to build a more robust and resilient regional food system. New Venture Advisors partnered with Whatcom County staff and the Food System Committee to draft a Whatcom County Food System Plan that builds upon these findings. This Plan focuses on five key goals for building a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient food system, and was informed by an inclusive community engagement process. The Food System Plan will provide the county with a policy roadmap that will strengthen the local food system for years to come. (2023)

 Whatcom Local Food Campus

The Whatcom Community Foundation invests in activities and organizations that improve the ability of people to help themselves, increase connections among people, and take cooperative approaches to community issues. WCF is exploring the development of a local food campus on a waterfront property that would become a multi-tenant site, anchored by a collaborative production kitchen benefitting food access, school system, and community organizations. The goal is strengthening Whatcom County’s local food system by promoting health equity, forging tangible strategic connections between food production organizations, and helping farmers connect with institutional markets. The facility will also feature an incubation kitchen, demonstration kitchen, event and classroom space, collaborative office and conference facilities, and housing.  New Venture Advisors developed the business case for this ambitious project and continues to support its development through engagement and operational development. (2023)