New Venture Advisors provided an important outside perspective to help us choose the business model and revenue streams that have the most chance of success. We were able to more confidently move forward with the project because we now have a more concrete understanding of what will be required to reach our goals.

Brian Monteverd

Food Hub Project Coordinator, Regional Environmental Council

 Whatcom Local Food Campus

The Whatcom Community Foundation invests in activities and organizations that improve the ability of people to help themselves, increase connections among people, and take cooperative approaches to community issues. WCF is exploring the development of a local food campus on a waterfront property that would become a multi-tenant site, anchored by a school district commissary. The goal is to strengthen Whatcom County’s local food system by promoting health equity, forging tangible strategic connections between food production organizations, and helping farmers connect with institutional markets. NVA developed the business case for this ambitious project and continues to support its development. (2021)