We are business consultants specializing in food system planning and sustainable food business development.
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Supporting Food Entrepreneurs

Lagos, Nigeria

International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. Creating opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets is a key priority of IFC. New Venture Advisors is assisting IFC in evaluating support services that may enable Nigerian SMEs in the food & beverage sector to successfully access and compete in the formal supply chain. Learn more about our strategic consulting services

The Hatchery

Chicago, IL

In partnership with IFF, Accion and the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago, New Venture Advisors assessed the market demand for a large, innovative food business incubator to be developed in East Garfield Park and serve as a job creator in this lower income neighborhood. The incubator will combine private production kitchens, a shared-use kitchen and comprehensive business support services, filling a much needed gap for food entrepreneurs in Chicago. Learn more about food business incubators

Northwest Kansas Food Hub

Bird City, KS

The Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation and Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center, Inc. are assessing the feasibility of a food hub to be located in the region. The project will be instrumental in discerning whether a permanent food hub is a viable option for bringing more fresh produce to the Kansas market. The project team is conducting the study using our Do-It-Yourself Feasibility Study Toolkit that features coaching from New Venture Advisors through a 10-step work plan. Learn more about our DIY Feasibility Study Toolkit

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Our team brings a multi-faceted perspective to the sustainable food industry. We combine sharp business acumen with real-world entrepreneurial experience and a passion for impact to help our clients build businesses that are socially and economically sustainable.
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As we explore new approaches and innovative solutions to accelerate development in emerging markets, we appreciate New Venture Advisors’ technical expertise and insights into various models and services to support the growth and development of micro and small food entrepreneurs.

Selcuk Tanatar

Head of Strategic Business Solutions, IFC Advisory