Our Work

Learn about the clients we have had the honor of working with, the projects we have partnered on, and the reports and tools we have published to help accelerate the development of local food systems.

Clients & Projects

Our clients are community groups, state and municipal planners, investors and entrepreneurs. Their common thread is a shared goal of creating a more connected and equitable food system within their communities. They seek greater access to markets and technical assistance for their local farmers and producers. And they envision more nutritious and sustainably sourced food in their local institutions, restaurants and markets.

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New Venture Advisors has authored a number of reports and resources that are available to the public to support advocates of local food system development across the country. These publications represent the spectrum of our services from opportunity identification frameworks to feasibility study examples and guidelines for developing business plans and fundraising. They comprise a variety of food enterprise categories in alignment with our expertise.

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Local Food MarketSizer®

Thinking about starting a local food business but not sure how to evaluate the market? Searching for statistics regarding local food capacity? You are not alone. Despite its growing significance, local food sales and production data are not easy to find. So we developed a means to estimate them: the Local Food MarketSizer® by New Venture Advisors. Our tool uses data from public and private sources to calculate unmet demand for local food at the state and county level. With a few clicks you can estimate the potential of the market in your area for local meat, dairy, poultry & eggs and fruits & vegetables.

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Food Hub Self-Assessment Tool for Rural Grocery Stores [BETA]

Interested in food security and local food distribution in rural communities? In 2015, New Venture Advisors began working with rural grocery stores in Kansas, Iowa and Michigan to explore converting them into food hubs as a means of preserving these vital community assets. We are excited to share the report that emerged from this work, as well as the preliminary version of the Food Hub Self-Assessment Tool for Rural Grocery Stores, an easy-to-use online widget that allows store owners to generate a simple capacity-based model for a food hub operating out of their store.

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The breadth of knowledge and passion for the work among the staff of New Venture Advisors is undeniable. They have helped us take our concept to a new level. KitchenShare is a game-changer for our region, and I’m grateful that NVA is on the team.

Michelle Gomez

Program Director, Frenchtown Heritage Hub