New Venture Advisors follows a multi-stage planning process from food system assessment to growth strategy. The early stages examine the food system to uncover gaps and opportunities for development. Where enterprise ideas are indicated, we develop and refine the business case in a phased approach that tests its viability before advancing.




The specific scope of New Venture Advisors projects varies based on the needs of our client teams. For some, we focus on a single step in this process; for others, we work from initial assessment to business development to venture launch and ongoing business support. Whether at just one or multiple phases, we work alongside the project team to help manage process, frame strategies, analyze data, problem solve and make decisions.

In addition to the consulting services we provide as part of our rigorous food venture planning process, we also deliver training workshops and speaking engagements to share our expertise with the community of practice or to address more targeted needs.

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with New Venture Advisors on the business planning aspect of the project. As experts in this space, NVA provides direction to guide the process and insight to inform sound business decisions to strengthen the broccoli supply chain.

Cheryl Thayer

Agricultural Economic Development Specialist, Cornell University