Locally grown grains are on the rise! Bakers are seeking local and often organic wheat. Microbreweries are seeking local barley and hops. Distillers are seeking rye and a number of other grains.

The small grain production landscape, however, is not set up to support the new, expanding local small grains supply chain. Industrial, commodity crop growers bring their product to grain elevators and receive a set price based on the market. Independent small grains growers have none of this established infrastructure – they need to invest in or find access to post-harvest, value added capabilities, storage, distribution and sales and marketing. Farmers new to small grains typically need mentorship and support on production, and access to suppliers for seeds and other inputs.

New Venture Advisors helps clients – such as communities, farmers, and buyers seeking more grains – develop new ventures that are needed to better integrate their local grain supply chain.

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New Venture Advisors is a team of business consultants specializing in local food system planning and new enterprise development.

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Grains Projects


Livingston County Grain Center Study

Livingston County, NY

New Venture Advisors is assisting the Livingston County Industrial Development Agency in assessing the feasibility of establishing a small grains center to serve existing agribusinesses and respond to increasing demand for New York-grown grains for micro brewing and distilling. The enterprise could anchor a new agribusiness park and serve as a catalyst for the development of an industrial grain cluster in the greater Rochester region. (2017)